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Our Staff

About Us

Board Members:

From left to right: Pat Conder (Second Church of Christ), John Peterson ( Hickman Heights), Jim Morgan (Williamsport Christian Church), Don Mikel (West Lebanon Christian Church), Neil Ellis ( Rossville Church of Christ), Forest Tague (Sterling Christian Church), Owen Moudy (First Church of Christ of Covington), Terry Evans (Crossroads Christian Church) , Chris Smith (Lebanon Christian Church) , Will Wright (West Lafayette Christian Church)

Camp Committee Members

Chairman- Kevin Purdy(Rossville Church of Christ), Vice-Chariman- Tim Grasham(Community Christian Church), Secretary- Stacey Smith(New Hope Christian Church, Crawfordsville), Vice-Secretary- Jason Schimke(Alvin Christian Church), Jeff Keller(Brady Lane Church), Kristen Howell(Woodland Heights Christian Church), Kurt Flora(West Liberty Christian Church), Robbie Ketcherside(Crossroads Christian Church, Danville), Ben Hannum(State Line Christian Church), 


Year Round Staff:

Click on a staff member to learn about them.

Summer Staff - We have several positions that we hire for: Recreation, lifeguard, kitchen assistant, dishwashers and maintenance.  Please check back again in November as we will look for new people for the summer of 2018.